Thursday, February 16, 2012

News Elsewhere: Are "Babyccinos" Going to Be the Next Big Trend?

It looks like cafes and coffee spots in a borough of New York are now marketing their coffee drinks to a younger crowd these days--a much younger crowd.

According to The Brooklyn Paper and Zagat, Brooklyn is now in the middle of a "babyccinos" craze, with places serving up drinks for children that have a shot of decaf espresso mixed with frothy steamed milk and foam (and sometimes, a bit of cinnamon). The trend, which apparently started in Australia and caught on in England, seems to be particularly big in the hip and trendy coffee bars and cafes that can be found in such neighborhoods as Fort Greene, Park Slope, and Prospect Heights, including Sit and Wonder, Bittersweet, Cafe Regular, The Tea Lounge, and other spots.

The babyccino craze does not seem to have caught on in the Boston area as of yet.

For more information on the increase in popularity of babyccinos in Brooklyn, please go to the Brooklyn Paper and Zagat links below.

[Brooklyn Paper]
Coffee … for kids! 'Babyccinos' are espresso shots for tots

Bizarre New Food Trend of the Week: "Babyccinos"

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