Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Night Shift Brewing to Debut Their Beers

Three months after reporting on a local "nanobrewery" introducing its beers to the Boston area, another nanobrewery is getting ready to offer its beers to the public, and it will be located in the same city as the other brewery.

According to their website, Night Shift Brewing is looking to launch its line of beers either by later this month or early in March. Once it does, the Everett-based beermakers will be the second nanobrewery to produce beers in that city, with Idle Hands Craft Ales debuting their products in November of 2011. The Boston Magazine Chowder blog mentions that the beers that Night Shift Brewing will offer include Trifecta (a fruity Belgian ale), Bee Tea (a green tea, honey, and orange blossom-infused wheat ale), and Taza Stout (a stout that features Taza chocolate). The brewery's website also states that Jojo IPA will be available as well.

[February 22 update: According to their website, Night Shift Brewing is planning to have "launch events" during the first few weeks of March.]

[March 29 update: Night Shift Brewing is up and running, with their beers now being sold in stores around the Boston area. In addition, their headquarters in Everett is opening a tasting room for the general public, with a grand opening of the brewery--and the tasting room--being this Saturday (March 31) from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.]

The address for Night Shift Brewing is 3 Charlton Street, Everett, MA, 02149. Their website can be found at http://www.nightshiftbrewing.com/

For more information on this nanobrewery, please go to the Chowder blog link below.

Details on Night Shift Brewing, Launching Early Next Month

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