Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Enlightenment Ales Gets Ready to Bring Its Beer to the Boston Area

The "nanobrewery" trend looks to be continuing in the Boston area, as yet another little brewery is getting ready to bring its beers to local restaurants and bars.

The Boston Magazine Chowder blog reports that Enlightenment Ales is selling batches of its beers to such spots as Deep Ellum, Eastern Standard, L'Espalier, Atwoods, and Russell House Tavern, with the beers being offered sometime in early June. The Chowder blog mentions that the Somerville-based nanobrewery will be offering a beverage called "biere de champagne," which will likely have a bright, dry, and delicate flavor and a high alcohol content (possibly around 11%).

The person behind Enlightenment Ales--Ben Howe--is also a bartender and waiter at the Cambridge Brewing Company in Kendall Square.

A couple of other nanobreweries are currently up and running in the Boston area, including Idle Hands Craft Ales and Night Shift Brewing, both of which are based in Everett.

The website for Enlightenment Ales is at http://www.enlightenmentales.com/

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