Tuesday, March 06, 2012

News Elsewhere: Dunkin' Donuts to Sell Pork Donuts in China

The world's largest coffee and baked goods chain is going to be selling donuts that will probably grab the attention of meat eaters, though don't expect these treats to be sold anytime soon in the Boston area (where the chain is headquartered) or anywhere else in the United States, for that matter.

An article from Reuters reports that Canton-based Dunkin' Donuts is currently expanding through China and is planning to start selling pork donuts there (donuts with shredded pork, to be exact). The article also mentions that NBA star LeBron James will be involved in the marketing of the donuts--and Dunkin' Donuts in general throughout China--as the Miami Heat basketball player apparently has a large following among Chinese fans.

Reuters states that there are approximately 150 locations of the Dunkin' Donuts chain in China right now, with more than 100 stores on the way over the next two to three years.

The website for Dunkin' Donuts can be found at http://www.dunkindonuts.com

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