Thursday, March 15, 2012

Urology Associates of Cape Cod to Offer Free Pizza with Vasectomies

A urologists group on the Cape is having a rather unusual promotion that combines male birth control and a popular food item.

The Boston Channel reports that Urology Associates of Cape Cod is currently handing out free pizzas to anyone who gets a vasectomy, somehow tying it in to March Madness in the process. The article mentions that the promotion is a "lighthearted" way to bring about awareness of the birth control procedure while at the same time increasing business.

An administrator for the group is interviewed for the article, indicating that "getting a vasectomy during the NCAA basketball tournament is the perfect time because typically a day or two of recovery is needed following the simple operation, so it gives patients an excuse to lie on the couch and watch some hoops."

It is not known whether the "get a free pizza with your vasectomy" promotion will end after March Madness winds down. Stay tuned for updates (maybe).



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