Thursday, March 01, 2012

WRMS Burger Wars Comes to West Roxbury March 5-16, 2012

A multi-day contest to find the restaurant that has the best burgers in West Roxbury is coming to that Boston neighborhood this month.

According to the West Roxbury Main Streets site, WRMS Burger Wars will be held starting on Monday, March 5 and lasting through Friday, March 16. A total of nine dining spots are participating in the event, including DeNo's, Masona Grill, Porter Cafe, The Real Deal, Red-Eyed Pig, Rox Diner, West on Centre, West Napoli, and West Roxbury Pub. Each of the participating restaurants will donate $1 for each burger sold to fund WRMS community revitalization efforts, with $1 equaling one vote for the best burger.

[March 27 update: The Boston Globe reports that the Porter Cafe has won the WRMS Burger Wars. Its winning dish was the "classic burger," which consists of an eight-ounce prime chuck burger topped cheddar and red onion relish, and comes with a side of fries, according to the article.]

For more information on the WRMS Burger Wars, please go to the link below.

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