Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Frankie's Catch of the Day in Belmont Has Closed

A seafood market that had been in Belmont for more than 25 years has closed its doors.

The Belmont Citizen-Herald is reporting that Frankie's Catch of the Day on Leonard Street in the center of town is shuttered, with a full story on their closing to follow. A poster on the Yelp site mentioned that a sign on the front of the market indicated that the closure was due to "economic conditions."

Frankie's Catch of the Day, which first opened in the mid-1980s, featured such items as clam chowder, lobster bisque, stuffed clams, live lobsters, and a variety of cooked seafood.

The address for this now-closed seafood place was:  Frankie's Catch of the Day, 19 Leonard Street, Belmont, MA, 02478.

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Blogger Ramon said...

I've lived in Belmont for 7 years, and pass by Frankie's quite often. However, I've never gone in. While all other restaurants on the same street have a "clear" mission (Pizza, Asian, Thai, Icecream, ...), Frankie's never did much to profile themselves. I wasn't even sure that it was anything beyond a "fresh fish" store. There was no menu on the window, no clear seating, and it generally didn't look inviting or welcoming. I've never seen any flyer or any participation in Town Day or some other event to create recognition.

I heard that this place used to have a few "subsidiaries" that closed a number of years ago. Would it be that the owner just got tired and retired?

1:14 PM  
Blogger all the best said...

I'll miss Frankie's. There was nothing like fresh fish served up with a kind word from Frankie.

8:41 PM  

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