Monday, April 23, 2012

The Urban Grape Is Opening in Boston's South End

It looks like a popular wine store in Chestnut Hill is opening in the South End of Boston at some point in the future.

The BosGuy blog is reporting that The Urban Grape is planning to open on Columbus Avenue, moving into retail space in the building where the Bryant boutique condos are located (between Clarendon Street and Dartmouth Street). The blog entry mentions that this is still in the early stages, as the wine shop needs to get approval from both the licensing board and the neighborhood itself, but it does appear that The Urban Grape could be coming to this spot if all goes as planned..

[April 27 update: Adam's Hospitality & Tourism Industry Blog states that The Urban Grape has been granted a license to operate on Columbus Avenue. It looks like the wine store will be opening sometime after Labor Day.]

[September 5 update: Eater Boston reports that The Urban Grape in the South End is opening on Thursday, September 20.]

[September 20 update: According to their Facebook page, the new Urban Grape in the South End is not quite ready to open, as it is "waiting for one last signature." As soon as it officially opens, we will post another update here.]

[September 28 update: A new post on their Facebook page indicates that the Urban Grape will be opening its doors in the South End today at 5:00 PM.]

The Urban Grape first opened on Boylston Street in Chestnut Hill in the spring of 2010.

The address for this new wine store in the South End is: The Urban Grape, 303 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA, 02116.

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Blogger BosGuy said...

Thx for the shout out. I really hope they can open. That would be the perfect shop for that location.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

Thank you for writing about this!

4:40 PM  

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