Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Bon Appetit Includes Boston's Staff Meal in Its Venn Diagram of Food Trucks

A popular food magazine has just posted a "Venn diagram" of food trucks, focusing on "strange creations of our nation's freewheeling kitchens," and a Boston truck has been included in the diagram.

The Venn diagram within the Bon Appetit site features Staff Meal at the point where "Asian" and "tacos" intersect, displaying a photo of their chinese sausage and fried rice taco. This is one of a few types of tacos offered by the truck, with others being chorizo, chicken paprikash, and beef barbacoa.

A few other food trucks included in Bon Appetit's Venn diagram include Lucky J's in Austin, TX (who combine waffles with tacos), the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck in New York (who combine sweet flavors with sandwiches), and Marination Mobile in Seattle (who combine Asian food with cheese).

The website for Staff Meal can be found at

For a complete list of the food trucks that are mentioned within Bon Appetit's Venn diagram, please go to the link below:

The Venn Diagram of Food Trucks