Friday, June 29, 2012

Smashburger Is Coming to the Boston Area

A Denver-based chain of quick-casual burger restaurants is going to be coming to the Boston area.

The Boston Herald is reporting that Smashburger is starting partnerships with six franchise owners across the country, including Robert Savin of Savin Burgers, who is going to be opening a total of 12 new restaurants during the next several years. Other places that will be seeing the opening of Smashburger outlets include Staten Island, NY, Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, and a number of other areas, including in Canada.

[April 4, 2013 update: According to a poster on the Chowhound site (via a Boston Globe article), one of the  Boston-area locations of Smashburger will be in Natick.]

[November 29, 2013 update: According to an article in The Boston Globe, the new Smashburger in Natick will open on December 11.]

[December 11, 2013 update: A Facebook post from the restaurant indicates that opening day for the Natick location has been moved back one day, to tomorrow (Thursday, December 12).]

Smashburger first started out in 2007, featuring meatball-shaped hamburger patties that are "smashed" on the grill, which helps caramelize the beef and lock in the juices.

The website for Smashburger can be found at

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Blogger BosGuy said...

Hate to sound like a crank, but I think Boston is saturated with enough burger-themed restaurants.

I'd love to see some more ethnic options opening. I'd also love to see a few more places that make for a good alternative to the Beehive.

My two cents,

11:52 PM  

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