Monday, July 09, 2012

Belly Wine Bar Is Opening in Cambridge's Kendall Square

A new restaurant and wine bar is coming to the Kendall Square section of Cambridge, and it looks like the place will be setting its sights on meat eaters as well as cheese lovers.

According to a job post on the site, Belly Wine Bar is planning to open somewhere in Kendall Square in August. The post mentions that the new eating and drinking spot will focus on charcuterie, "whole animal cookery," cheese, and wine, with local sourcing of ingredients emphasized.

The person who will be heading up the kitchen team at Belly Wine Bar is Robert Grant, who has worked at The Butcher Shop in the South End of Boston and Bouchon in Las Vegas--and who currently works at The Blue Room in Kendall Square. The job posts mentions The Blue Room as being the site of job interviews being set up over the coming days, but there is no indication at this point that Belly Wine Bar will be replacing The Blue Room, and it does not mention where in Kendall Square it will be located. As soon as we find out more information about Belly Wine Bar, we will post an update here.

[July 25 update: According to their website (as well as an editor at Stuff Magazine), Belly Wine Bar will be located next to The Blue Room (the site says "down the steps to The Blue Room and turn left"), and it looks like a late August opening is anticipated. For more information on the upcoming restaurant, their website can be found at]

[September 6 update: Eater Boston mentions that Belly Wine Bar is going to be opening on Monday (September 10).]