Friday, July 27, 2012

Cakes Bakery and Cafe in Watertown Has Closed

Earlier this month we reported that a trip of Boston-area bakeries and cafes closed one of their locations, and now we have learned that another shop has closed, leaving them down to their original spot.

According to a commenter on our blog, Cakes Bakery and Cafe in Watertown is shuttered, and a check on the Cakes site seems to confirm this, as their page for the Galen Street shop refers customers to their Arlington Store (which recently closed down as well). A check on the Yelp website further confirms the Watertown store's closure, as it is shown as being no longer in business on that site. Cakes Bakery and Cafe first opened their Watertown location in April of 2011.

With the two Cakes Bakery and Cafe closures occurring, the only remaining location is in Milton (which is the first one that was opened), with its location being on Eliot Street near the Boston line. The Cakes website can be found at:

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