Friday, July 27, 2012

Shabu and Mein Is Opening in Cambridge

[Ed note: This article was updated on April 23, 2013 and again on June 12, 2014 to reflect new information given on the place, including a couple of name changes.]

It appears that the folks behind several Asian restaurants in the Boston area--including one in Cambridge's Kendall Square--are planning to open a new dining and drinking spot on the northeastern edge of Kendall, just south of the CambridgeSide Galleria.

The City of Cambridge website posts that the people who own Fuji at Kendall on Third Street are looking to open what may tentatively be called International Sports Hub at 1 Rogers Street, with the proposed 71-seat place being open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. The post also states that the new restaurant may have an outdoor patio as well, which would have room for 68 more. It is not yet known exactly what kind of food International Sports Hub would serve, but the site shows (via a post that is no longer up) that it will also have a lounge that will serve beer, wine, and liquor (dependent upon whether it receives a full liquor license).

[April 23, 2013 update: A more recent License Commission General Hearing post on the City of Cambridge website indicates that the name of the upcoming restaurant on Rogers Street is now tentatively going to be called Shabu at Kendall. The manager--Tony Liang--remains the same, though the name of the group behind it has changed from Fuji Group, Inc. to Bao & Mein, Inc. The post also says that the capacity is now planned to be 100 seats inside, with 32 more seats on an outdoor patio. The hearing is this evening, so expect another update soon.]

[June 12, 2014 update: According to a poster on the Chowhound site (and confirmed by the Fuji at Kendall site), the new restaurant will now be called Shabu & Mein, and it will be opening in the coming weeks. The Fuji site also mentions that the address will be 148 First Street instead of 1 Rogers Street, though it is within the same building complex, so the only question is which space it will be taking within the complex.]

[June 23, 2014 update: Eater Boston states that Shabu & Mein is now open.]

In addition to Fuji at Kendall, the group behind that restaurant also owns Bistro Chi/Kama Lounge on Cottage Avenue in Quincy Center and B-Cafe and Shabu Restaurant, both on Hancock Street in North Quincy.