Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Confirmed: Michael's Deli in Brookline Has Been Sold

[July 18 update: This article was edited to reflect confirmation that Michael's has indeed been sold.]

It looks like a delicatessen in one of the busiest sections of Brookline has been sold.

According to a poster on the Chowhound site, Michael's Deli on Harvard Street in Coolidge Corner has been sold, though a source of ours mentions only that the owner of the eatery has apparently been trying to sell the place and the source does not have any confirmation that a deal has been finalized as of yet. (The Chowhound poster states that the owner "will be leaving after a few week transition period.")

A check on the website for Michael's indicates that it is down, with a note saying that they are doing a "re-design" of the site.

[July 18 Update: The Paris Creperie has confirmed that Michael's Deli has indeed been sold; also, more details from the new owner of Michael's will likely be coming soon.]

[July 19 update: An email from the new owner of Michael's Deli sheds some more light on what will be happening with the place. Steven Peljovich, who has been in the restaurant business in the Boston area for the past 15 years, has bought the deli, with the current owner (Michael Sobelman) staying on for a few months during the transition period. It looks like Peljovich will continue to keep the main focus of the eatery the same, but will be adding some "fresh touches," including seasonal items and more sandwich combinations. He is also planning to expand the catering business. (A web search indicates that Peljovich has worked at such places as the Hard Rock Cafe and John Harvard's Brew House.)]

Michael's Deli has been in business for approximately a quarter-century, offering such items as corned beef and pastrami sandwiches, bagels, knishes, tongue,, brisket, and egg salad.

The address for Michael's is Michael's Deli, 256 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA, 02446.