Thursday, July 19, 2012

Burger Pop-Up Coming to Abigail's in Cambridge, August 20, 2012

A new "pop-up" event is on its way to the Boston area, and this one will feature a food item that is beloved by many.

On Monday, August 20, Richard Chudy of Boston Burger Blog and The Skinny Beet and Chef Jason Lord of Abigail's will be having a burger pop-up at the Kendall Square restaurant, with a mix of classic and "crazy" burgers being created at the event. In addition, Chef Katie Barszcz of The Skinny Beet and The Small Boston Kitchen will be making a sweet treat to finish out the meal. The pop-up restaurant will have one seating, with the starting time to come soon (tickets will also be on sale soon).

[August 15 update: A note on Abigail's Facebook page gives new information on the burger pop-up. The message states that the restaurant is now taking reservations for the event, which costs $25 and includes a three-course family-style meal with a choice of 2 burgers each. (An optional beer tasting with Peak Organic is also available for an additional charge.) There will be one seating for the pop-up, which begins at 10:00 PM.]

[August 18 update: A brief clarification on the event has been posted on Abigail's Facebook page. The note states that "Each guest gets to choose a burger from Abigail's menu and another from The Boston Burger Blog's menu.]

The address for Abigail's in Kendall Square is: Abigail's, 291 Third Street, Cambridge, MA, 02142. The phone number for the restaurant is (617) 945-9086.

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