Friday, August 17, 2012

Yumewokatare Ramen Shop Is Moving into Former Zing! Pizza Space in Cambridge's Porter Square

Earlier this year, we speculated about whether Zing! Pizza in the Porter Square section of Cambridge had closed for good. Now it appears that not only is Zing! definitely gone from the spot, but a small chain of ramen shops based in Japan may be opening a new location in the space.

Based on information from a poster on the Chowhound site, a new ramen place is planning to open in September in the spot, which is located on Mass. Ave. The poster goes on to say that "some of the signs [posted in the window] indicate it might be called Yumewokatare or something similar." This seems to confirm a rumor that Eater Boston wrote about in May--that a group of five ramen shops in Japan called Yumewokatare could be moving in.

We will try to confirm this today, but for now, it looks like Yumewokatare is indeed on its way to Cambridge.

[October 1 update: It has been confirmed that Yumewokatare is definitely moving into the former Zing! space, and Eater Boston now reports that it could be opening on Friday, October 12.]

[October 12 update: Eater Boston confirms that Yumewokatare is opening its doors at 6:00 PM this evening.]

The address for the new ramen shop coming to Porter Square is 1925 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02238.

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