Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Zagat Picks Best Boston Restaurants With a View

Zagat has just come out with its picks of "9 Best Boston Restaurants With a View," and the list includes a mix of well-known and not-so-well-known spots within the city limits (as well as one place across the river in Cambridge).

In the article/slideshow that was released yesterday, Zagat mentions such institutions as Anthony's Pier 4 (which will eventually be moving to a new space), the Barking Crab, and Top of the Hub, along with lesser-known restaurants such as Aragosta and Sam's. Dante in East Cambridge was also mentioned, and places with views other than the water (or with water views not being the specific feature) were included as well, such as Blu.

The Zagat list seems to cover a good percentage of Boston restaurants that actually have good views--there really aren't that many for a relatively large city on the ocean--and the list also focuses nearly completely on Boston (Dante notwithstanding) because, as Eater Boston says, "there aren't any restaurants in buildings high enough to provide views in, say, Waltham."

Which restaurants within the Boston city limits do you think have both good views and good food?

(For a complete listing of the dining spots mentioned by Zagat, please go to the link below:)

9 Best Boston Restaurants With a View

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