Friday, September 14, 2012

Wink & Nod Is Moving into the Noche Space in Boston's South End

An upscale restaurant and lounge in Boston's South End is closing--and moving elsewhere--after being in business for a bit more than two years.

According to their Facebook page, Noche on Appleton Street is shutting its doors after business hours tomorrow, with the message stating that the group behind the dining and drinking spot (Boston Nightlife Ventures) is "moving the concept across town to a different location, scheduled to open Spring 2013." The message also mentions that "a new, fun concept, catering to the alternative scene," is going to move into the Appleton Street space in the late fall or early winter.

[October 2 update: Eater Boston is reporting that the new restaurant replacing Noche will tentatively be called Lower Lodge, and it could be open by the winter.]

[June 4, 2013 update: Another article from Eater Boston states that Noche will now be replaced by a new spot tentatively called Blind Tiger instead, with the new place moving into the Appleton Street space rather than moving elsewhere. It appears that Blind Tiger could be open in late August or early September.]

[December 22, 2013 update: Eater Boston is now saying that the upcoming Blind Tiger has changed its name again, this time to "Wink & Nod."]

[December 23, 2013 update: An email sent this morning confirms that the name of the restaurant will indeed be Wink & Nod, as Blind Tiger was apparently a working name only. The email also mentions that Wink & Nod will be a chic speakeasy with a "serious craft cocktail program" along with a dinner menu that focuses on food and drink pairing as well as sharing of food items. Expect the new spot to open in late January or early February of 2014.]

[March 13, 2014 update: A Facebook post from the restaurant indicates that it opens a week from today (Thursday, March 20).]

Noche first opened in June of 2010, featuring an eclectic Latin-based menu with seasonal dishes. It moved into the space where Icarus had been since 1978.

The address for this new spot is 3 Appleton Street, Boston, MA, 02116.

Thanks to one of our readers for letting us know about this via email.