Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Carrie Nation Is Opening in Boston's Beacon Hill

It looks like a new eating and drinking establishment may be on its way to the Beacon Hill section of Boston, and ironically, it appears to be named after a person who was very much against eating and drinking establishments back in the day.

Adam's Hospitality & Tourism Industry Blog is reporting that Carrie Nation is hoping to open on Beacon Street, adjacent to the XV Beacon Hotel (between the state house and Tremont Street). The article mentions that the group behind the restaurant, which is apparently named after a radical member of the temperance movement in the late 1800s, is seeking a liquor license from the Boston Licensing Board this week.

As Adam mentions (via Wikipedia), Carrie Nation was known in part for vandalizing bars, and went as far as attacking drinking places with a hatchet.

[October 25 update: Universal Hub has more information on Carrie Nation, including the fact that the owners of Scholars (a restaurant and bar on nearby School Street) are behind the proposed spot. UH also mentions that Carrie Nation would not be an Irish pub, but would instead be a neighborhood dining and drinking spot with a whiskey bar, pool tables, and American fare with "a French bistro twist to it."]

[January 30, 2013 update: A job post on the Craigslist site indicates that plans are moving ahead for Carrie Nation, with a spring opening in the works.]

[May 15, 2013 update: Eater Boston states that Carrie Nation is planning to open sometime next week.]

[June 4, 2013 update: The Boston Globe says that Carrie Nation opens its doors at 5:00 PM today.]

The address for this upcoming restaurant and bar in Beacon Hill is 11 Beacon Street, Boston, MA, 02108.