Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Taipei Gourmet Replaces Three Gorges in Lexington

An Asian restaurant in East Lexington has closed down, with a new dining spot featuring Chinese and Taiwanese fare opening in its space.

According to (and confirmed by the restaurant's website), Taipei Gourmet is now open on Mass. Ave. just west of the Arlington border, taking over the former Three Gorges spot. Based on their menu, it appears that the new eatery offers a mix of Chinese-American, authentic Chinese, and Taiwanese dishes, including scallion pancakes, steamed house-made dumplings, crab rangoon, minced beef soup, fried pork chop over rice, lo mein, crispy duck with plum sauce, three-cup eggplant, sweet and sour chicken, flounder with sour mustard, and sesame tofu.

The address for this new restaurant in East Lexington is: Taipei Gourmet, 211 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA, 02420. Their website can be found at

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