Monday, November 12, 2012

Huge Wheel of Cheese to Make Its Way Through Concord in Horse-Drawn Cart

Last year we wrote about how a gigantic hunk of artisanal cheese was going to make its way through Concord, and this year a similarly huge piece of cheese will be doing the same thing.

Grub Street Boston is reporting that the largest wheel of cheese in the entire Western Hemisphere will be traveling through Concord on a horse-drawn cart on December 6, with its ultimate destination being the Concord Cheese Shop in the center of town. The 400-pound Crucolo, which is from Italy, will start its journey at 3:30 PM, being serenaded by an Italian chorale group along the way. GS also says that Concord Academy's Crucolo Dancers will "prance alongside the cart while 'brandishing large chunks of cheese.'"

The Concord Cheese Shop is located at 29 Walden Street in Concord Center.

[Earlier Article (from 2011)]
400-Pound Crucolo Cheese to Make Its Way Through Concord on December 1

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