Monday, November 19, 2012

Mana Escondido Cafe Is Opening in Boston's South End

It looks like a new Puerto Rican restaurant is on its way to Boston.

Universal Hub is reporting that Mana Escondido Cafe is going to be opening in the South End, with the eatery apparently being open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Aguadilla Street dining spot will serve mofongo as well as items that "are currently unavailable anywhere in Massachusetts," according to the owner of the restaurant. Expect a December 1 opening for the new eatery.

[December 7 update: Eater Boston, which recently mentioned that Mana Escondido Cafe was hoping for a December 8 opening, is now stating that the restaurant will not open on December 8 after all, though it appears that their opening is not far off. (Stay tuned for more updates.)]

[May 2, 2013 update: A Twitter post (along with a direct message) from @Pilotblock indicates that Mana Escondido Cafe is now open.]

Mana Escondido Cafe is moving into the space where Miami Cafe had been (just south of Tremont Street).

The address for this new Puerto Rican restaurant in the South End is: Mana Escondido Cafe, 68 Aguadilla Street, Boston, MA, 02118. Their website is at

Thanks to Grub Street Boston for bringing this to our attention.

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