Thursday, November 08, 2012

Izakaya Ittoku Is Opening in Petit Robert Bistro Space in Brighton

The Brighton location of a group of French restaurants is closing, and a Japanese dining spot is moving into its space.

Universal Hub is reporting that the owners of Petit Robert Bistro on Comm. Ave. are selling its beer and wine license--along with the rights to the space--to Kentaro Suzuki, who will open a new spot called Izakaya Ittoku. UH mentions that the planned eatery, which will feature such items as ramen, sushi, and yakitori, will be voted on today by the Boston Licensing Board (Suzuki went before the board yesterday to ask permission for the transaction). The mayor's office, three city councilors, and the Brighton Allston Improvement Association are all in favor of the plans.

[November 7, 2013 update: Food writer MC Slim says (via the Chowhound site) that Izakaya Ittoku is currently having a soft opening, with both MC and Eater Boston mentioning that the new restaurant's grand opening might be taking place on Monday, November 11.]

[November 11, 2013 update: A Facebook post from the restaurant confirms that Izakaya Ittoku opens today at 5:00 PM.]

The folks Petit Robert Bistro opened Chez Jacky in the space in June of 2010, with its name being changed to Jacky's Table two months later. (The restaurant became Petit Robert Bistro about a year later.) Other Petit Robert Bistros are located in the South End, Kenmore Square, and Needham, with a location of Petit Robert Central being found in Downtown Crossing.

The address for Petit Robert Bistro in Brighton (and the upcoming Izakaya Ittoku) is: 1414 Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton, MA, 02135.

Thanks to Adam's Hospitality & Tourism Industry Blog for bringing this to our attention.

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