Thursday, November 01, 2012

Wings Over Is Opening in Boston, Arlington

A small chain of wing places based in Massachusetts is going to be opening two more locations in the Boston area.

Eater Boston is reporting (via Craigslist) that Wings Over is planning to open in Boston and Arlington, with both locations scheduled to open sometime later this month. Once they open, the two new shops will join existing locations in Brookline and Somerville, as well as Amherst (where it started out in 1999), Framingham, Lowell, Springfield,  Worcester, and a handful of outlets in other states on the East Coast and in the Great Lakes area. (Another proposed location in Waltham fell through after the City Council ruled against it due to potential traffic issues.)

[November 7 update: The Arlington Advocate states that the Arlington location of Wings Over will be located at 218 Mass. Ave. (near the Lake Street intersection), which is where the Wing Place of Arlington had been.]

[November 20 update: It appears that the new Wings Over in Boston and Arlington are on the verge of opening, as Grub Street Boston states that both plan to open by the end of the month. (Still no word on where the Boston location will be.)]

[April 4, 2013 update: According to the chain's website, the Wings Over location in Arlington is now open, and an address has been given for the upcoming location in Boston (325 Huntington Avenue by Northeastern University).]

[June 10, 2013 update: According to a new Craigslist job post, the Boston location of Wings Over is now open.]

Wings Over features both regular and boneless wings in an array of flavors, including BBQ, teriyaki, hot garlic, Jamaican jerk, sweet chili, and honey mustard. A wide heat range is offered as well.

The website for Wings Over is at

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