Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kinsai to Open in Boston

It looks like an upscale Chinese restaurant will be opening in Boston later this year, and the person behind it comes from a couple of high-end spots in the city.

The Boston Magazine Chowder blog reports that Jason Doo is planning to open Kinsai by this fall, with the restaurant including a chef's table tasting menu with "20-odd-course" dinners, along with "1930s-Shanghai-style" craft cocktails and snacks. Doo comes from Menton in Fort Point, as well as the now-closed Sensing in the North End (which is now home to Aragosta).

No specific address has been given for Kinsai as of yet; as soon as we receive updates, we will post them here.

Thanks to Eater Boston for bringing this to our attention.

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