Monday, January 07, 2013

Strange Days in Brookline--An Unintelligible Restaurant Picture-Taker and an Owner's Gun Left in a Restroom

Quite often, the police logs in town newspapers have rather interesting and unusual stories, and such is the case with today's Brookline TAB. What makes today's police log of interest here is the fact that not one, but two odd stories have been posted, with both focusing on restaurants.

Story #1: "A manager at Mr. Sushi at 329 Harvard St. reported a man was taking pictures of the interior of the restaurant. He asked the man to leave, and the man allegedly uttered something unintelligible to him. Police located the man and told him to stay away from Mr. Sushi."

Story #2: "An employee at the Starbucks at 1154 Boylston St. reportedly found a gun in the coffee shop's restroom. The gun belonged to the cafe's owner, who accidentally left it there."

For a complete look at today's Brookline TAB police log, please go to the link below:

Brookline incident reports: Jan. 4-6