Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Appleton Bakery and Cafe in Boston's South End Opens Under New Ownership

A bakery and cafe in Boston's South End that closed in January for renovations is back open for business under new ownership.

According to its website and blog, the Appleton Bakery + Cafe on Appleton Street reopened a few weeks ago, with both new features and old features coming to the place based in part on customer requests. (See link at A few changes made include a larger variety of muffins, the addition of bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches, a reconfiguration of the pickup counter and the food prep area, and more sweetener and drink options, while the owner has brought back cookies, cupcakes, and their mega iced coffee option.

Appleton Bakery + Cafe first opened its doors approximately 13 years ago.

The address for this reopened spot in the South End is: Appleton Bakery + Cafe, 123 Appleton Street, Boston, MA, 02116. Their website is at while the owner's blog is at

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