Friday, March 15, 2013

Aquasino Casino Ship (Which Will Include a Restaurant) to Start Sailing in Lynn

Four years after the Horizon's Edge casino boat last sailed in Lynn, it now looks like the city will see the return of offshore casino gambling, and the ship that is coming will include a restaurant.

The Daily Item is reporting that the Aquasino will soon be sailing off the shores of Lynn, with the 225-foot ship featuring casino gambling, an onboard restaurant, and entertainment such as comedy shows. (The article says that the boat may also have weddings.) The "mini cruise ship," which will have four decks and a capacity of 600, will set sail from the Economic Development and Industrial Corporation pier on Marine Boulevard, according to The Daily Item.

It appears that Aquasino could be sailing as early as May.

[May 30 update: The Aquasino ship has arrived in Lynn, with a Facebook post from a couple of weeks ago stating that it could be ready to sail by the first week of June.]

[July 11 update: According to its website, Aquasino is now running. (Its website is at]

Thanks to the Boston Hospitality and Tourism Industry Blog (via The Boston Herald) for bringing this to our attention.

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