Friday, March 15, 2013

Boston Restaurant Week (Winter 2013) to Be Held March 17-22, 24-29

Boston Restaurant Week returns this month, with the winter 2013 version of the event including a huge number of dining spots throughout the Boston area once again.

Based on information from the RW websites (see below), the latest restaurant week begins on Sunday, March 17 and runs through Friday, March 22, with a break on Saturday before starting up again on Sunday, March 24 and ending on Friday, March 29. This year, three-course dinners cost $38.13, three-course lunches cost $20.13, and two-course lunches cost $15.13, with more than 200 restaurants participating. (The prices shown are per person and do not include beverages, tax, or tips.)

For more information on the winter 2013 Boston Restaurant Week, please go to the following links:

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