Monday, March 11, 2013

Island Creek Oyster Team Opening Row 34 in Boston

It looks like the folks behind an oyster farm in Duxbury and a restaurant in Kenmore Square are going to be opening a new dining spot somewhere in Boston.

Food and Wine Magazine is reporting that the Island Creek Oyster team is "two months into the construction" of Row 34, which will be a "rustic" seafood restaurant. The article says that the upcoming eatery--whose name comes from a "workingman's expression of the oyster farm"--will have exposed brick and "simple" dishes such as garlicky mussels.

While the exact location of Row 34 has not yet been given, a Twitter post from BostonTweet mentions that it could be somewhere in the Fort Point area of Boston, while the Boston Hospitality and Tourism Industry Blog states (via Leah Mennies of Boston Magazine ) that it could be located in either Fort Point or the Seaport District.

[March 11 update: Row 34 has just put up a Facebook page, which shows the address as being 381 Congress Street in Fort Point. This address apparently solves the mystery of which restaurant would go into that space, as we had written an article in October of 2011 about a dining spot going there. (Their Facebook page is at]

[June 6 update: mentions that Row 34 is planning to open sometime this fall, and that reps for the restaurant will be meeting with the public at Factory 63 (63 Melcher Street) on Monday, June 10 at 6:30 PM to give more information on the dining spot.]

[November 25 update: Based on a reservation check on a page within the OpenTable site, it appears that Row 34's official opening date may be next Monday (December 2).]

[November 26 update: A Twitter post this morning from Row 34 indicates that the restaurant actually opens tonight.]

The people behind the Duxbury farm opened their first restaurant--Island Creek Oyster Bar within the Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore Square--in the fall of 2010. The website for the restaurant can be found at while the website for the farm is at

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