Friday, March 22, 2013

Upper Crust Pizzeria in Boston's South End Reopens

Yet another location of a local group of pizzerias that recently went to auction is opening its doors once again, with today being the day of its reopening.

According to the post on their Facebook page, the South End location of Upper Crust Pizzeria opens today at 11:00 AM, making this what appears to be the third location to be reopened by UC Acquisition (a private equity firm connected with Upper Crust founder Jordan Tobins), as locations in Watertown and Wellesley have also opened up again. As mentioned in an earlier article, another former Upper Crust location is becoming a new pizza spot (The Just Crust, which is taking over the Harvard Square space), while the Back Bay location of the chain was recently taken over by The Proper Slice, which is based in Brighton.

The address for this reopened pizza spot in the South End of Boston is: Upper Crust Pizzeria, 683 Tremont Street, Boston, MA, 02118.

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