Monday, June 24, 2013

Les Zygomates and Sorriso in Boston's Leather District Being Sold

It looks like the person behind three upscale restaurants in downtown Boston is selling two of them.

Eater Boston is reporting that a "reliable tipster" as well as "multiple staffers" at Les Zygomates and Sorriso say that a sale is in the works for the two spots, both of which are located on South Street in the city's Leather District. The owner of the restaurants--Ian Just--is also behind Society on High, which opened earlier this month and is not being sold. EB mentions that reps for Les Zygomates and Sorriso have not put out anything official on the pending sale as of yet, so keep checking back for updates.

[June 27 update: The Restaurant Hub blog of The Boston Globe mentions that it appears neither Les Zygomates nor Sorriso will close, and that no immediate changes are in store for either place. The post also says that there have only been talks about a sale, with nothing confirmed at this point.]

[January 24, 2014 update: The Boston Business Journal states that Les Zygomates and Sorriso were sold to Anthony Botta and Mark Tosi earlier this month, with some changes planned for both spots, though the article says that they would like to "preserve what the regulars like most about the two restaurants." In addition, it looks like Sorriso may get a name change at some point.]

The address for Les Zygomates is 129 South Street while the address for Sorriso is 107 South Street.