Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rifrullo Cafe Is Opening in Brookline

In March we reported that a luncheonette in Brookline whose history had gone back at least 100 years closed its doors. Now we have learned that a new dining spot will be moving into its space.

The Brookline TAB is reporting that Rifrullo Cafe plans to open on Cypress Street, taking over the former Sealey's Lunch spot, and that the new place had its license application approved by the Board of Selectmen earlier this week. The article mentions that Rifrullo will be a "locavore establishment" that features freshly-made "health-conscious" prepared foods and will have approximately 15 chairs within the space, though it will concentrate more on takeout.

[October 17 update: A note from Cutty Foods in Brookline Village that was posted on the Boston's Hidden Restaurants Facebook page indicates that Rifrullo Cafe is open.]

The address for this new eatery in Brookline is: Rifrullo Cafe, 147 Cypress Street, Brookline, MA, 02445.

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Sealey's Lunch in Brookline to Close

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