Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thailand Cafe in Cambridge Is Closing

It looks like a Thai restaurant located a few blocks east of Central Square in Cambridge is going to be closing its doors.

According to a poster on an earlier Chowhound thread about its possible closure, Thailand Cafe on Mass. Ave. appears to be getting ready to close, with the poster saying that Sunday, June 30 could be their last day in operation (we will try to confirm this date). A Cambridge Chronicle/TAB article from this winter mentioned that the space in which the Thai eatery resides will apparently be making way for a new office and lab building. It is not yet known whether Thailand Cafe might try to relocate.

[July 1 update: It appears that Thailand Cafe has indeed closed for good, as its phone number went out of service this morning.]

Thailand Cafe is known in part for its authentic Thai and Southeast Asian cuisine, along with a variety of Chinese dishes (with an emphasis on Sichuan fare).

The address for this restaurant near Central Square is: Thailand Cafe, 302 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02139.