Monday, July 01, 2013

Boschetto's Bakery in Boston's North End Is Closing

A North End bakery is closing after being in business for more than a century, and it appears that the closure is due to rising rents.

The site reports that Boschetto's Bakery on Salem Street is shutting down on Saturday, July 6 after 110 years of operation, with a sign out front saying that "Due to an excessive raise in rent, there is no way we can continue to produce our goods in a costly manner." The note says that Boschetto's will continue to supply goods to their commercial customers, thanks to the help of Parziale’s Bakery, which is located on nearby Prince Street.

[July 3 update: The Boston Globe mentions that Boschetto's co-owner Mhamed "Ahmed" Idroui says the lease offered by the property owners was "close to quadruple" what they had been paying.]

Boschetto's Bakery first started out in the late 19th century, eventually being bought by the current owner (Bartolomeo De Stefano) in the late 1950s, according to The bakery has been known in part for its Italian cookies, fresh bread, and Sicilian-style pizza.

The address for this soon-to-close bakery in the North End is: Boschetto's Bakery, 158 Salem Street, Boston, MA, 02113.

Thanks to the Boston Hospitality and Tourism Industry Blog for bringing this to our attention.

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