Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Massimo's Ristorante in Malden to Close; Another Move Is in the Works

An Italian restaurant just north of Boston is going to be closing, though it may be moving to a new location...again.

According to a source (@mikefn on Twitter), Massimo's Ristorante in Malden is going to be shutting its doors after being in business at its current Pleasant Street location for approximately seven years. The dining spot had been in Everett previously, so if the restaurant does indeed open in a new space, this would be its second move.

There is no specific information on where Massimo's might move to, though our source says it is possible that the place could move back to Everett or possibly Revere (keep checking back for updates).

[August 25 update: A new post from @mikefn indicates that although the restaurant was possibly looking at closing this weekend, it will now apparently be open for another 30-45 days due to liquor license delays for the new owner.]

[September 11 update: Massimo's is reopening in Wakefield.]

The address for this soon-to-close/move Italian eatery in Malden is: Massimo's Ristorante, 157 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA, 02148. Its website can be found at http://massimositalian.com/

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Blogger Chris said...

They are opening in Wakefield

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