Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Cat Cafe Could Be Coming to Boston

[Ed note: This article was updated on September 24 to reflect the fact that the cafe would be home to rescue cats, not cats brought in by patrons. Apologies for the confusion, and thanks to @RichardPF for bringing this to our attention.]

If all goes as planned, Boston could become home to a new cafe, but not just any cafe--this one would come with cats (and would be a place for folks to have a bite to eat and/or a drink).

Universal Hub is reporting (via a Twitter post) that a young entrepreneur is looking to open a "cat cafe" somewhere in the city, with the hope being to have it up and running by the end of the year. These types of cafes apparently originate in Japan, where customers enjoy food and drink in the company of rescue cats from shelters. According to an article in the Restaurant Hub blog of The Boston Globe, there is the hurdle of getting the Board of Health to agree to this, so stay tuned...

For more information on a possible cat cafe coming to Boston, please go to the link below:

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