Thursday, September 26, 2013

TV Diner to Be Taken Off the Air by NECN

A popular restaurant review show on NECN is going to be leaving the airwaves.

According to a source earlier this evening, TV Diner is being canceled, with a Boston Globe article confirming this. The Globe says that a big shakeup is currently taking place at NECN, with the station apparently moving toward more of a news and weather-based format with less emphasis on lifestyle shows.

[September 30 update: It appears that TV Diner might not be quite done yet, as one post on its Facebook page from Friday says to "enjoy our last handful of show" while another from yesterday says that the show is going off the air "eventually. everything is up in the air" and a third post from today says in answer to the questions "How many more new episodes before the show ends? Will there be a finale wrap up episode?" "don't know yet. i will let you know as soon as i find out."]

TV Diner started out more than a decade ago, with Billy Costa of Kiss 108 at the helm from the start; Jenny Johnson joined the weekly food show a few years later.

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Blogger Isabel said...

My comment is a bit late, but felt compelled to post it. This is extremely sad for the food and beverage business of New England! I live in Western Mass and my husband I watched the show and used it as a guide where we should eat if we happened to be in a specific area! We discovered wonderful places to eat and passed the word to our friends. TV Diner provided a huge range of tastes, flavors and budgets, unlike Phantom Gourmet that focus more on bar type food. NECN wants to focus on news and weather? Really? Today is Saturday 1/12/14 11:10 am and the current program is an infomercial! Also, they show the SAME news several times in the morning. THIS IS A GREAT LOSS!

11:44 AM  

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