Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bonefish Grill Is Opening in Burlington

A Florida-based chain that features seafood is getting ready to open what could be its first Boston-area location.

According to a job post on the Craigslist site, Bonefish Grill is currently hiring for their upcoming outlet at Wayside Commons in Burlington. It is possible that this will be the chain's first outlet in the area, depending on the progress of its upcoming location in Waltham.

[October 3 update: An email sent yesterday indicates that the new Bonefish Grill in Burlington will be opening on Monday, November 11, and this will indeed be the first location in the Boston area, as the Waltham location does not seem to be opening anytime soon at this point.]

[November 19 update: Bonefish Grill has opened in Burlington.]

Bonefish Grill features a variety of seafood items, including shrimp tacos, fish burgers, calamari, grilled rainbow trout, Maryland crab cakes, and grouper, and the menu also has non-seafood items such as chicken and steak. Their website can be found at

Wayside Commons is at 2 Wayside Road, Burlington, MA, 01803.

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Blogger Stephanie Hansbury said...

There is a location in RI, it's delicious!

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