Friday, September 06, 2013

Sheharazad Middle Eastern Food Truck to Debut in Boston

A food truck featuring Middle Eastern cuisine is coming to Boston, and it looks like it will be serving less familiar dishes from the region.

Eater Boston is reporting (via the Hub Food Trucks blog) that Sheharazad is on its way to the city, with the truck possibly debuting sometime in early October. According to co-owner Burke Weston, the truck will be looking to serve "traditional, ancient and regional Middle Eastern Street food" that includes Iraqi, Bedouin, Coptic Christian, and Armenian influences, and that more well-known items such as shawarma and falafel will not be offered. The food trucks blog mentions that a signature item from Sheharazad will apparently be the slow-cooked lamb over spiced rice with yellow raisins and fried pistachios, and that traditional (and freshly-made) Middle Eastern drinks such as apricot soda with raw pine nuts will be available.

Weston comes from Hamersley's Bistro in Boston's South End, according to the articles.