Monday, September 30, 2013

The Rumor Mill: Is Piccola Venezia in Boston's North End Closing? (And Is Modern Pastry Moving In?)

It appears that an Italian restaurant in Boston's North End may be closing soon, and it also looks like a popular pastry shop next door could be moving into its space, though we are still waiting for complete confirmation on both of these.

According to a poster on the Facebook site who appears to be one of the folks behind the restaurant, Piccola Venezia at 263 Hanover Street is getting ready to close, with Saturday, October 5 being the closing date--and an earlier post from last week also says that the dining spot is "selling the building to the owners [of] Modern Pastry and they are moving the bakery over to where the restaurant is." The original date of the apparent closing had been Wednesday, October 2, but this date was changed late last week.

We are still waiting to hear back from Modern Pastry (which is at 257 Hanover Street) on the possible move mentioned--and are still looking to confirm with Piccola Venezia on its closing--but for now, it appears that both the closing of the restaurant and the moving of the pastry shop could be more than just a rumor. If you know anything more about this, please leave a comment here, thanks.

(Thanks to a reader for letting us know about this.)

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