Thursday, November 14, 2013

Update: A New Restaurant May Be Coming to South Boston

[Ed note: This article was updated on November 15 to reflect the fact that the name of the proposed spot is a working name only, and the cuisine is not written in stone yet.]

It looks like a new restaurant that could be featuring Italian food may be coming to South Boston, and its working name reflects a name that a New York newspaper gave the neighborhood earlier this year (though the restaurant will likely be called something else).

Universal Hub is reporting that a proposed dining spot that has the name "Sobo Bistro" is planning to open at the corner of E Broadway and L Street, with owner Michael Norton looking to convert the former electrician's shop into a 60-seat eatery. The term "SoBo" briefly made the rounds back in June when the New York Times used it to describe Southie in an article on the Whitey Bulger trial.

According to UH, the Boston Licensing Board will look into the possibility of awarding Norton a beer and wine license for the restaurant today, which, if all goes well, could open in the spring of 2014.

[November 15 update: The Boston Globe states that "Sobo Bistro" is a working name only and will not be the final name of the eatery, and it may or may not focus on Italian cuisine. The article also says that no decision was made on the beer and wine license at yesterday's meeting.]

[January 27, 2016 update: It has been more than two years since we first wrote about this planned restaurant, and while it has not opened yet, things may be moving along now, as a licensing board page within the city of Boston website mentions that a meeting will take place on February 3 that looks into its request for a liquor license.]

[February 3, 2016 update: Universal Hub reports that Michael Norton is planning to team up with restaurateurs Gordon Wilcox and Brian Poe (Poe's Kitchen at the Rattlesnake, Tip Tap Room, Bukowski) to open the as-of-yet unnamed spot in Southie, which would be more of a restaurant than a bar.]

The address for this proposed dining spot in South Boston is 749 E Broadway, South Boston, MA, 02127.

Thanks to @ConciergeBoston for initially bringing this to our attention.