Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Briar Rose Is Opening in Hyde Park

It looks like a new restaurant could be on its way to a Boston neighborhood, opening in the space where another dining spot had been until recently.

Universal Hub is reporting (via the City of Boston website) that The Briar Rose is looking to open in Hyde Park, taking over the former Annabelle's spot. (Annabelle's closed this summer after being in business for just under three years.) According to the page on the City of Boston site, the manager of the proposed spot is Kevin Twohig; a page on the Manta site mentions that a person named Kevin Twohig was one of the people behind the now-closed Maggie Mae's on the Roslindale/Hyde Park line, but there is no confirmation as of yet whether it is the same person.

UH says that a hearing looking into the sale of Annabelle's liquor license to The Briar Rose will be taking place next Wednesday.

[December 4 update: A new post from Universal Hub mentions that The Briar Rose would be much the same as the now-closed Annabelle's other than the new name and some minimal changes to the interior space. (Expect to see traditional American fare at the restaurant.) UH also confirms that this is the same Kevin Twohig who owned Maggie Mae's.]

[May 12, 2014 update: A poster on the Chowhound site mentions that The Briar Rose is now open, though it looks like the grand opening will take place sometime this week.]

The address for this proposed spot in Hyde Park is 1300 Hyde Park Avenue, Hyde Park, MA, 02136.

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