Friday, January 24, 2014

Owner of The Squealing Pig Is Opening Eat with Jack O'Neill in West Roxbury Pub Space

[Ed note: Eat with Jack O'Neill is now open as of June 5, 2015.]

A local watering hole in a Boston neighborhood has been sold to the person behind a couple of Irish pubs (including one in the city).

Universal Hub is reporting (via The West Roxbury Bulletin) that Diarmuid O'Neill of The Squealing Pig has purchased the West Roxbury Pub & Restaurant, with the plan being for a new spot called Eat with Jack O'Neill to open in the Centre Street space. UH says that the Boston Licensing Board will look into the sale next Wednesday.

[January 29 update: A new article from Universal Hub confirms that the proposed eating and drinking spot will indeed be called Eat with Jack O'Neill, and that the plans include a small bakery in the space as well as a Sunday brunch. UH also says that the sale has received approval from city officials and neighborhood/business groups, but still needs approval from the Boston Licensing Board tomorrow. Finally, the article mentions that the murals of James Michael Curley inside the place will be removed and sold at a charity auction, though the outside mural will remain in place.]

[June 5, 2015 update: Eater Boston mentions (via West Roxbury Main St) that Eat with Jack O'Neill is now open in West Roxbury.]

The Squealing Pig has locations on Smith Street near Brigham Circle/Mission Hill and in Provincetown.

The address for the West Roxbury Pub/Eat with Jack O'Neill is 1885 Centre Street, West Roxbury, MA, 02132.