Thursday, March 20, 2014

Serenitee Restaurant Group Is Opening The Waterfield Kitchen in Winchester

[Ed Note: This article has been updated several times, including the fact that it was given a name that has since been changed.]

A restaurant group that is based on the North Shore is opening a dining spot just a few miles north of Boston.

According to job posts on both the Craigslist and Glassdoor sites, the Serenitee Restaurant Group is planning too open a new "cutting edge concept" in Winchester that will focus on "organic, local, grass fed ingredients." The restaurant, which does not yet appear to have a name (or an exact address), is one of a few dining and drinking spots that the restaurant group will be opening over the next half year or so, with others being 525 in Magnolia, The Spot in Georgetown, and the Ipswich Brew House in Ipswich.

Currently, the Serenitee Restaurant Group runs Opus in Salem, Maggie's Farm in Middleton, 15 Walnut in Hamilton, Hale St Tavern in Beverly Farms, Cala's in Manchester by the Sea, and Alchemy, Latitude 43, and Minglewood Tavern in Gloucester. Its website can be found at

[April 1 update: According to a post within the restaurant jobs section of the site, the new restaurant that is coming to Winchester will be a fusion spot that will "play on coastal Californian cuisine and will focus on local, organic grass fed ingredients and creative, unique dishes" and will include sushi among its options.]

[June 30 update: A Twitter poster shows (via a photo) that the new restaurant in Winchester from the Serenitee Restaurant Group will be another location of Alchemy.]

[October 27 update: The New England Real Estate Journal site says that Alchemy will be located at 14 Thompson Street in Winchester, which is where It Rains Fishes/Imari had once been. Also, a Facebook post from the Serenitee Restaurant Group indicates that this will apparently be a move rather than a second location, as a new spot called Pinoli will open in the Alchemy space in Gloucester (that location of Alchemy is now closed).]

[March 18, 2015 update: An email sent to us this week indicates that Alchemy has actually reopened in Gloucester and because of this, the upcoming restaurant in Winchester is now looking for a different name. The message states that the Serenitee Restaurant Group is asking diners for opinions on possible names in a recent blog post, with a number of possible names from which to choose included in a survey.]

[April 14, 2015 update: Based on feedback from diners, the Serenitee Restaurant Group has combined two of the most popular name choices and will be calling the spot The Waterfield Kitchen.]

[September 11, 2015 update: According to a new job post on Craigslist, The Waterfield Kitchen has its grand opening on Sunday (September 13).]

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