Thursday, March 27, 2014

Urban Cantina Is Opening in Ferrara's Space in Boston's North End

It looks like another Mexican restaurant could be coming to the North End of Boston.

A post from indicates that Urban Cantina is planning to open on Salem Street, moving into the space where Ferrara's Restaurant was, and before that, Caffe Nuovo, which had the same ownership as Ferrara's. The post indicates that this would be a change of ownership, with the hours and layout of the new eatery being the same, but with Mexican fare being offered (Ferrara's is mainly Italian-American). An earlier page on the site mentioned that Urban Cantina is hoping to acquire Ferrara's beer, wine and cordials license, so if all goes as planned, alcohol will be served at the new dining spot.

[September 10 update: A message from @ConciergeBoston indicates that Urban Cantina is now open.]

Another Mexican restaurant is now in the North End as well, with Tenoch opening a location on Lewis Street over the winter (their original restaurant is located in Medford).

The address for the new Urban Cantina is 76 Salem Street, Boston, MA, 02113.

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