Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Cafe ArtScience Is Opening in Cambridge's Kendall Square

It looks like an "experimental" but "approachable" restaurant and bar is heading to the Kendall Square section of Cambridge, and the people behind it come from a few of the Boston area's best-known dining spots.

Boston Magazine is reporting that Cafe ArtScience is going to be opening on Kendall Street, with Todd Maul (Clio), Patrick Campbell (Eastern Standard, No. 9 Park), and Tom Mastricola (Commonwealth, Clio) teaming up with David Edwards (founder of Artscience Labs, Harvard University professor) to open the restaurant. The new spot will have a 120-seat dining area and 23 more seats at the bar, with the menu possibly focusing on "smaller composed dishes" that are sized between tasting portions and appetizers. The article also says that the restaurant will have a test kitchen that will be open to the public on certain Sundays, and the cocktail list will likely be quirky and experimental.

Expect to see Cafe ArtScience open sometime in September, according to Boston Magazine.

[August 4 update: BostInno mentions that Cafe ArtScience is looking to open for lunch only on September 22, with dinner service beginning on September 29; a grand opening exhibit is in the works for October 30.]

[September 23 update: According to an article in Boston Magazine, Cafe ArtScience opens this Friday (October 31).]

[October 31: Eater Boston gives a bit more info on Cafe ArtScience, which opens today--as indicated previously, the menu will be eclectic and experimental but approachable, with items such as beef carpaccio, poached farm eggs, veal loin, pork belly, and steak tartare offered. The restaurant will also feature WikiFoods, which have edible packaging, and something called Flavor Clouds (which EB explains, "Think clouds of pizza and coffee aromas").]

The address for this new restaurant and bar in Kendall Square is: Cafe ArtScience , 650 Kendall Street, Cambridge, MA, 02142.

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