Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Three Hilltop Steakhouse Cows Now Call MarketStreet Lynnfield Their Home

With the closing of the landmark Hilltop Steakhouse on Route 1 in Saugus last fall, people were left wondering what might happen to the plastic cows out front. Well, three of them have turned up in a new spot a short distance away from their old home. is reporting that a "mother" and two "calves" now have a new home at MarketStreet Lynnfield, an open-air retail center just north of Route 128 (off Walnut Street) that has a number of dining spots, including such places as Boloco, Davio's, Legal C Bar, Pinkberry, and the Yard House. The article says that the cows, which were unveiled this week, have been refurbished and will be "hosting" events as well as broadcasting news about the complex via social media. (The first event that the cows will host will be an Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday, which will help raise money for the Lynnfield Recreation Commission.)

To follow the cows on social media, please go to @StyleMoos on Twitter or Instagram, or on Facebook.

The website for MarketStreet Lynnfield can be found at

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Hilltop Steak House in Saugus Is Closing



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