Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Serafina in Concord Has Closed Again (This Time for Good)

An Italian restaurant in the western suburbs of Boston has closed for the second time in the past year, and this time it won't be reopening.

An email sent from a reader indicates that Serafina in Concord is no longer in operation, with an article in the Concord Journal confirming this, saying that the owner lost the lease after being unable to come to terms with the landlord on the Sudbury Street space. The article says that the owner and his wife will focus on their other restaurant--Sierra's on North Road in Sudbury--with the focus being on a more eclectic menu there.

Serafina and Sierra's had both closed last April due in part to the rough economy, though both dining spots ended up reopening, with Serafina opening in the summer and Sierra's opening in the fall.

The address for the now-closed Serafina in Concord was 195 Sudbury Road, Concord, MA, 01742.

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