Friday, April 11, 2014

Tasty Burger Is Opening in Back Bay Station

The folks behind several burger restaurants in the Boston area are going to be opening yet another, and this one should be popular with commuters and travelers.

Eater Boston is reporting (via the City of Boston website) that Tasty Burger is looking to open in Back Bay Station, with the plan being for it to have a dining area and bar inside the station along with a 30-seat patio on Dartmouth Street, and a closing time of 2:00 AM. This would be the fifth location of the burger spot, with others being on Boylston Street in Boston's Fenway neighborhood, inside Fenway Park, on JFK Street in Cambridge's Harvard Square, and at L Street and East 4th Street in South Boston. (Another potential location of Tasty Burger in Cambridge's Central Square fell through last fall.)

[April 10, 2015 update: A new article from Eater Boston mentions that Tasty Burger is planning to open at Back Bay Station sometime this month.]

[April 21, 2015 update: Boston Magazine states that the new Tasty Burger at Back Bay Station could be opening later this week, and that in addition to lunch and dinner, the restaurant will eventually offer breakfast options as well--possibly starting in May or June.]

[May 5, 2015 update: The new Tasty Burger is not yet open, but a veteran Chowhound poster mentions that a sign on the front door says it plans to open this Friday (May 8).]

[May 6, 2015 update: A Twitter poster confirms that Tasty Burger will indeed open at Back Bay Station, with the doors opening at 11:00 AM.]

Back Bay Station is located at 145 Dartmouth Street, which is just across from Copley Place.

The website for Tasty Burger can be found at